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I'm having lunch at one of my favorite sandwich shops. It's almost two hours past my normal lunch time. I've been so busy that I even forgot to drink water. I feel lethargic and my stomach is biting back at me in hunger. I truly understand that I can't help others unless I help myself first, but why do I seem to be caught in this repetitive cycle of putting other things before me. Is it the feminine God given servant-hood spirit???? Or maybe some past event that tarnished my self-esteem and made me feel inadequate and now I have to redeem myself. Perhaps, it could be some hidden sense of pride that says, "You must conquer everything you touch. You're fine, you can handle anything". It may very well be ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

We may all want to be Superwoman. But the reality is we're humans with limitations and need the fundamentals to keep us going. Yep, those basics like Food, Water, Sleep, Peace of Mind, etc....

We as women wear many hats: the single mom of 3, the high profile career woman who travels the globe, or the woman in a sandwich situation taking care of both her kids and parents. Maybe even a combination of all, plus more.....constantly being squeezed, pressed and in high stressed situations or circumstances. Which Woman are you????

We are not made to meet every demand set in front of us, therefore we need to focus and hone into our God given priorities, goals and ambitions. Did you catch that...the key word is GOD GIVEN!!!

As Women of God, we know that our first priority is to nurture and honor our relationship with God. The second priority, for me, is to nurture and take care of myself....then my Family because if I'm not right, I can't help them effectively anyway. After that, everything else falls in line depending upon urgency and degree of need. But yet, my constant struggle has been to find balance in all things. Here is a quote that speaks on balance:

“Everyone is a house with four rooms: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Unless we go into every room ....every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person” - Rumer Godden

Constant diversions and distractions keep us from maintaining the balance that we so willingly aim for. When these events keep deterring me......even after praying and seeking God with little reprieve, I figure God is not looking to calm my storm, but looking to calm me in the midst of the Storm. Literally meaning to take charge of the storm by keeping my eyes on him and continue moving forward...... focused on God Given priorities only. This scripture always helps me put things in perspective:

1 Peter 5:6:

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

It is God who cares for us and those around us, NOT us caring for everyone asking God to help us out here and there. Put the burdens on him and not on yourself!!! If God feeds the birds in the air and every other animal, why not the ones he created in his own image. We must believe that he will provide and understand it is our Faith that activates Gods provisions and blessings in our life. You never know— maybe these distractions or diversions are our Call..... to go to another level of Faith in God.

To overcome Diversion Attacks, here are a few tips that have helped me:

1. Get to know God’s Voice in your life and let him direct your path and priorities. Spend intimate time with God, which means you have already accepted Christ in your life and are seeking him - through prayer, his word and worship.

2. Truly know where you are headed – Don’t let the day to day grind become your purpose. Can you say survival mode? We are all created with a specific purpose and destiny. Explore your passions and gifts. Most of the time that's where your purpose lies. As you become closer with God, this will begin to become clearer for you.

3. Strategize and Plan...This takes time and thought. Create realistic short term and long term goals. Make sure your goals include action plans with target dates and timelines.

4. Begin to simplify your life and focus on your purpose and what's important. I was reading an article on the characteristics of very successful people. It stated that very successful people say NO to most things and narrow their focus to the things that will yield them the most results. Learn to say NO even at the expense of something great that will take you of track. Put the World with their standards and measures for success behind you. God has overcome this World and does not have its mindset.

5. Don't give up when failure comes knocking at your door. Just say HI.... thanks for the lesson and BYE..... I will try again another way or at another time. (Singing) A saint is just a sinner who fell down and GOT UP!!!

Recognize that God is still sovereign and in control despite how chaotic things may seem. Remember that God can save you from your storms ........or calm you and teach you to rise above it while riding through the storm. Either way he can overcome the Diversions that attack you by keeping your eyes on God and giving him the lead.

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