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Encouraging the Heart - Part 1

“I sleep, but my heart waketh:”

Song of Solomon 5:2A KJV

Love is an influential tool that can sometimes be used for personal gain. Love can make humans do the craziest things— but love also hurts.

I can honestly say that love has caused plenty of tears in my life.

I have been heartbroken before over my high school sweetheart—and then by my son’s father. But the heart break that I experienced in 2009 could not compare!

I once dated a man 17 years my senior. Deep down, in the depths of my soul, I knew that I was not his one and only. But that notion didn’t matter to me. I wanted him and our unique relationship was a challenge for me; A challenge that I fully accepted.

Could I make this man love me and choose only me? This was the ongoing question in my mind during our long eight-year relationship. He was financially well-off and showed me a life that I was not accustomed to. He taught me how to talk, how to dress, how to be well-dressed, how to love myself, how to be competitive in corporate America and most of all, how to love someone that was not so great in the eyes of others.

I was totally in love and I engulfed myself in the very essence of him. I lost myself, but it was well worth it in my eyes. Despite his motives, I made him love me. The other woman found out who I was, but she never said a word to me. We made eye contact on several occasions but no words were spoken. The issue was that I liked this woman. She was beautiful, successful and had more money that I did but I still could not let go. She was not his wife, but a girlfriend just like me, so I felt like it did not matter. Yes, my thought process was all wrong but I was young and I did not care. Of course my man would deny their relationship when I asked him about it, and I believed him.

This all changed in a matter of months. The events that took place at the beginning of year 9 blew me away!

To be continued....

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